Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us

I was moved by this wonderful sculpture by John Cinch of a young couple on the promenade by Cardiff Bay. The couple are typical of the people who lived and worked in this multicultural area known locally as ‘Tiger Bay’ when the area was a thriving commercial port. This area is now known as Mermaid Quay, part of the Cardiff Bay, regeneration. What struck me was the beautiful sculpture of the young black woman and the realisation that I rarely see sculptures like this – ordinary black people doing ordinary things. There’s an interesting article in the Guardian about this featuring the work of artist Tom Price. Tom creates sculptures of everyday black men that are deliberately unheroic. For Price, it’s important to ask questions about why black men are only represented in certain ways within art. “There’s a real lack of first-hand representation or self-representation of a black man in a neutral state if that can exist – something like them not being heroic, not being a type, not being recorded as some sort of ethnicity.”


Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us – photograph by Lulu J

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