TRAID Sponsorship – Residency at William Morris Gallery No 4

Like most people I’ve been unwell with one thing or another brought on by the cold, damp weather. However my mood has lifted with some fabulous news, TRAID, one of my favourite textile recycling charities will be sponsoring some of the fabrics for my residency. I’ve been a fan and a customer of TRAID for years. I love their funky, fun approach to bringing new life to old fabrics as they say in the UK, ‘Make do and Mend’ or in Jamaica ‘ Tun u hand mek Fashion’.

TRAID is a charity working to stop clothes from being thrown away. They turn clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our clothing choices. I appreciate their approach because it is practical, circular and sustainable. They address the problem of clothes waste by tackling disposal, production and consumption. They do this by increasing clothes reuse across the UK reducing waste, carbon emissions and raising awareness amongst consumers. 

They also fund international development projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry. What I like about their approach is that it is bottom up rather than top down, working in true partnership to support suppliers who have identified ways they want to improve their input and lives within the textile supply chain.

Clothes are given to TRAID as cast offs and waste which they transform into high quality stock for their charity shops. They hand sort donations at their London warehouse, selecting stock for their shops based on condition, quality and style. It’s a major process which sees their lovely team sorting, hanging, tagging, pricing and merchandising around 11,000 garments per week to reuse and resell.

Their sponsorship of some of the fabrics for my residency involves the textiles which don’t meet the standards to be sold in their shops. These might be old duvet covers or curtains with holes or stains. However as long as the fibre is natural and the fabric has some life left in it I can do something with it. Watch this space to see how they’re transformed after they are given a makeover in indigo! For more information about this great charity






One thought on “TRAID Sponsorship – Residency at William Morris Gallery No 4

  1. Happy New Year Lucille, I am pleased to hear that TRAID will be sponsoring some of the fabric for your residency, from what I have learnt about the organization via the link you provided, this should be a significant partnership for you, as your concerns about sustainability and practicality seem to be shared by you both. in addition to my congratulations I am also hoping that you are well as you had expressed in the post that you had had a cold that was making you “un-well”. P.s. you may find this piece interesting


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